Petite empreinte


Petite Empreinte is a Brussels-based company that creates eco-friendly and sustainable children's clothing. They use high-quality fabrics sourced from end-of-series, sustainable haberdasheries and dormant fabric stock platforms. Their clothing is made in their Brussels workshop with the aim of relocalizing production and promoting handmade products. Petite Empreinte's approach is based on upcycling, giving old fabrics a second chance and contributing to the circular economy.

For this project, I created a full custom e-commerce from scratch, the platform serves not only for retail but also as the personal assistant of Elisabeth, CEO of the company. It handles orders, stock, invoices, emails, it is her one-place stop to manage her company.

In order for this project to be a success, We worked in Small sprints, discussing and adding new features along the way.

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Gaspard Sicx

Drummer - Improviser - Composer

Gaspard is a Drummer/Improviser/Composer from Brussels, active in many differents musical projects he needed a place to upload all his creations, partnerships and work. First for industry professionals to consult and see his availabilities and shows. But also for his audience to find everything related to him

For this project, I created for Gaspard a one pit stop for all his content, we decided together on evrything he wanted, and i created a custom CMS for him to manage all his news.

He gave me all matter of choice regarding design and visuals, and i tried to grasp his universe of professional music.

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Hello, My name is Diogo Heinen and I'm a fullstack developer. I specialize in creative coding, everything that touches javascript and problem solving.

I love to create with my clients, help them realise their ideas and make their applications come to life.

I always go trough the same processes, I first define all the ideas of my client on paper, then we think of designs and references, to help narrow down the scope and then I start developing. trying to work in small developemnt cycles and give usuable progress to my clients along the way.

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